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19 September 14

About the Powell’s Signing Tonight

Some people asked some questions and I didn’t know the answers…

But I asked, so yay!

You CAN bring books to be signed, that’s fine. You don’t have to purchase anything or anything of that nature, just bring your smiling self and something to sign, but we will also have fresh new copies of TOMB RAIDER and LEAVING MEGALOPOLIS if you like!

And the signing starts at six pm and goes at least an hour, I will stay longer if people are still coming, no worries at all. If you are going to be a  little late, send a tweet or a note here on Tumblr and I will stay til you get there, cool?

That’s it, see you tonight! 9/19/14!

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Anonymous said: Hi Gail! I recently bought the first volume of Red Sonja and I absolutely loved it. You're so talented! I look forward to reading more of your work. My question for you is how does Sonja, in her own mind, explain the bikini armor? I know she must have a reason!

She likes it.

Seriously, that’s my reason. She likes it. 

There’s more stuff…she’s Hyrkanian, she’s a hunter, she relies on speed more than defense, but mostly, she likes it and she wears what she wants to wear.

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kelseighn said: Okay Gail, it's time to level with us fans once and for all. We've got to finally clear up this King Shark business. He's not really royalty, is he?

You are missing the key element, which is that he is a SHARK.

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So, I just now put the Batman cowl on my son’s head and asked him to think of the most Batman thing he could possibly say, and he paused a moment and said,


I love that kid.

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Okay, now look.

This is getting ridiculous.  That is clearly a comic book come to life.
Who is this amazing cosplayer?

Okay, now look.

This is getting ridiculous.  That is clearly a comic book come to life.

Who is this amazing cosplayer?

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Please Come To Powell’s City Of Books In Portland Tonight!

Friday, the 19th!

I am not going to promise naked monkeys, but there will be fun at least!

I will be signing starting at 6:00 pm and if no one shows, I am going to be bummed out entirely, so you had better come, dammit!

Also, some friends will be dropping by, hopefully, so it should be fairly good fun.  

Come tonight, you rebel scum!


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judedeluca said: Considering the debut of Lady Blackhawk and her Blackhawk Squadron in Multiversity... ever wonder about writing a book set on Earth-20 about an all girl fighter pilot squadron?

Not really, but I have thought of ways to bring Zinda back for sure!

Posted: 12:25 PM

asmoranomar said: I was talking to my friends' 12-year-old daughter tonight (who is the only human under 20 I've had a conversation with in about 10 years, which is weird), telling her about how cool BATGIRL: FUTURES END was, and she was like, "Gail Simone? Where do I recognize that name?" And I started listing all the things you've written, and apparently she remembered your name from the cover of an issue of SECRET SIX she wasn't supposed to read. "That's the one with King Shark, right?" She got a high five.


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Anonymous said: In regular writing do you fit plot to characters or characters to plot? Is it different for comics?

I kind of feel this is like asking if the engine is more important than the wheels on a car, you need both together. I don’t make one fit the other, they need to be working together.

Posted: 12:24 PM

Anonymous said: Do you have any plans to write a second volume of <i>Leaving Megalopolis</i>?

We are definitely talking about it, I have an amazing follow-up plot, I think! Wish us luck! :)

Posted: 12:24 PM

travelinggambler said: I saw on twitter you were playing destiny! Do you have a ps4?

No, I bought it for Xbone, and I now kinda wish I had gotten it for ps4 since more of my readers who want to play seem to have that system…harrumph!

Posted: 1:04 AM

Anonymous said: When you say you have ALL the Disney Infinity figures, does that include the ones from movies you don't even like?

Yep, even Phineas, and I don’t even know what that is.

18 September 14

dutchtica said: Does the poop guy who referred to Batman know about Batman's love of corn?

Let’s hope so, little one. Let’s hope so, for all our sakes. 

Posted: 10:42 PM

Anonymous said: How viable is it to just design a character and their role and then just randomize their race/gender/sexuality and what not?

I can see how people could do it, I used to make up backstories for randomly generated characters in role-playing games and such.

But I don’t think that’s really what writing’s about, to be honest.

If we’re going for a ride, we have to know how to drive, you know?

Posted: 10:41 PM

dangerspace said: I appreciate the edit to the answer to my question. To be clear -- I LOVE Grant Morrison's work. His Batman and Robin along with Chuck Dixon's Nightwing got me into comics. But when you read some of his stuff, and you here stories about him, he seems to be an eccentric person. Thanks so much for your lengthy and detailed answer!

Oh, he’s eccentric, but life would suck without eccentrics.

I love him lots.

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