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21 October 14

Preview Red Sonja Vol 2 - Hits The Stands Tomorrow 10/22!


C’mon you knew there’d be a preview of this book here. How could we not with all What’cha Reading’s fangirl/fanboy love we show for this series. And really, check out the talent in this volume!

Preview Red Sonja Vol 2 - Hits The Stands Tomorrow 10/22!

Red Sonja Vol. 2
Gail Simone (w) 
Walter Geovani (a) 
Jenny Frison (c)
FC • 208 pages • $19.99 • Teen+ 
A dying emperor has a last request of Sonja. He is throwing the ultimate send-off party, and needs the…

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This is actually one of my favorite arcs I have ever written, of anything.

It’s fun, sad, and interesting, I never thought Sonja would be in this situation!

I hope people pick it up, it’s my favorite.

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Posted: 9:32 AM

sniperserpent said: Did you get everyone you wanted for the team? Or are some members second choices

There were a few we tried for that I didn’t get right away…Cassandra Cain, Ryan Choi, Starling, a couple others. I may have tried for Barda, my memory is a little fuzzy. Silver was a finalist for quite a while, DC really likes him.

But this team is amazing and just because someone isn’t on it YET doesn’t mean they won’t be on it SOON.

Posted: 8:56 AM

emmafrosticle said: Will you ever be able to bring jeanette back? I would love to see her in comics again!

Jeannette is one of my very favorite characters.

We are not done with her, I promise.

Posted: 8:55 AM

escapingkittens said: Hi :), I'm really excited about your new secret six run but i was wondering if someones whos never read an issue before (like me) would be able to enjoy it as much, or do i need to read the previous run?

We are starting totally from scratch, you will be in on the ground floor, I promise.

Posted: 8:51 AM

Anonymous said: My fingers are crossed for a Canadian at some point in time. Or a hilarious trip to Canada. Nah, really I just keep my fingers crossed every time you do a book for a character with Aspergers. - BeachGnome

They will definitely be in Canada fairly early on.

Posted: 8:49 AM

Anonymous said: whats it like trying to secure character cameos? it sounds like trying to book performers lol

It can be complicated. I have likened it to a bunch of kids all coloring and there’s one box of crayons in the middle. Some characters are not available when you want them, is all.

Posted: 8:46 AM

Anonymous said: 1. Will there be sex? 2. Will there be an overabundance of Queen characters? (Not that I hate queers, as I myself am one, I just hate how many are thrown in willy nilly as I believe it counteracts what we need in media because none are realistic)

1: Yes.

2: Yes.

Also, what?

Posted: 8:45 AM

wonderhawk said: Black Alice is in the cast right? Does she still have the same powers/personality that she had in the old S.S. and BOP? Also can you say how many LGBTQ characters will be in the book?

We have given Black Alice some rethinking and she’s a little different-actually in one way she is VERY different, but you will recognize her if you liked her before.

I don’t want to say how many lgbtq characters there are but I will confirm at least two on the team in issue one.

Posted: 8:42 AM

neuroticinfinity said: The new design for Catman looks great by the way! Did you give Dale Eaglesham any notes?

LOTS of notes, but Dale is one of the top design guys in the business and this is his dream book. He’s firing cannons everywhere, it’s amazing. His new Catman look is fantastic.

Posted: 8:41 AM

neuroticinfinity said: This is probably selfish to ask: will the supporting cast include any Asian characters?

Not selfish at all, and yes.

Posted: 8:41 AM

neuroticinfinity said: Is the base of operations of the Six still the House of Secrets?

It is pretty much the opposite, I will leave that to your imagination for now.

Posted: 8:40 AM

marinermo said: Will we see the origin/first coming together of this new Secret Six or will they start the series as a team?

They do NOT start the series as a team, OH MY GOD, they do not. :)

Posted: 8:40 AM

neuroticinfinity said: Will Catman's bisexuality be fully explored in this volume? And if so, how early will we see his bisexuality?

I can’t answer the second part of this question, but I promise you will laugh when the first issue hits. Wait and see. :)

Posted: 8:39 AM

jjj726 said: Now that catmans outfit was show on the second cover can you show us a better picture of it so we can see the details? Also can you tell us about what went into the redesign? #whatisthesecret

I don’t have an approved image I can show…Hmmm.

Let me ask my editor to see if I can get something approved!

Posted: 8:39 AM

neuroticinfinity said: Speaking of Dale Eaglesham, his covers look amazing! Is he the permanent cover artist?

We are alternating Ken Lashley and Dale Eaglesham on interiors. Both of these guys are geniuses, both of them have turned down HUGE gigs to do this book with me, and both are craftsmen who need time to do an issue, so we are having them each do arcs, and the art is AMAZING.

Dale is the regular cover artist, but we have some surprises coming AND a bunch of top artists have asked to do covers and one-shot stories. I have never had so many top artists ask to do something, anything, for  a book as for this revival!

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