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18 April 14

sailawaykid asked: I just wanted to say thank you. I only discovered your work a few years ago. But in that short time, interacting with you through your comics and outside of them, you've given me the confidence to use my natural voice in my writing -- because YOU aren't afraid to use your own unique voice. And the result is so lovely. As a queer, black writer, I used to feel that if I didn't blend in, I would never be heard. But what I found was that when I tried to blend in, I simply wasn't saying anything.

Well, first, wow, thank you for that lovely sentiment, but it sounds like you were already on that path to speaking with your true self. The first step in learning what to do right is acknowledging that feeling when you are doing it wrong. Your gut will let you know when you are doing something that doesn’t feel right, doesn’t feel honest.

I have had many, many friends tell me they have tried to write to the ‘house style’ of major companies and that that meant suppressing their own voices and creativity.  But I really believe the only answer for us as creators and the industry as a whole is to fight that impulse and write with what souls we have been given as best we can.

There will always be resistance. But think of all the people out there who want and NEED to read of other voices and experiences.  I know you can do this. I will be rooting for you!

Keep us informed of your progress, okay?  There are a lot of people who want to see you succeed and I am one of them!

Posted: 1:32 PM

ealperin asked: Just want to pop in & say thank you, honestly, from the bottom of my heart. You & the folks following me gave me the courage to come out to my folks, over two years ago. My life has changed for the better, over here. (I moved out, finally! ^__^) I can't wait to meet you, in June, to give you a hug as Katharsis (& autograph-y related items of comicdom). :3

I am so happy and so proud of you, I know that was incredibly difficult!

For the record, I think you are completely wonderful. And YES on the Katharsis hugs!

Posted: 12:30 PM

dashingforceofpalsy asked: is my belief that the secret six, after being cancelled, decided to shift out of the fictional dimension, become real and hang out around Europe, fueled by Pratchett-esque Narritivium until such time as they can conquer the funny books with heartwarming nudity again, wrong?

No, that’s exactly correct.

They love pasta, too.

Posted: 12:29 PM

teenblunder asked: I just rewatched the Birds of Prey episode of Arrow and just realised they sorta gave you a shout-out with the line "at the corner of Gail Street and Simone,". It made me flail so much in front of my family. Like, how cool is that?! Not only are you a comic writer but you got a shout-out on a episode that's sorta inspired by your superhero team on a HUGE superhero tv show! Sigh. I envy you, Ms Simone

Aw, don’t envy, create something you enjoy! :)

But yeah, the Arrow writers have absolutely been lovely to me, they have written me many times about stuff on the show and I am told that we may see even more stuff of mine show up.

They’re very sweet people!

Posted: 12:28 PM

uppitylittlehomo asked: Hey Gail. First off, so disappointed I didn't start following you sooner. But hey, better late than never :). Second, since everyone seems to be asking these today: What, if any, are your thoughts on Saga by Brian K. Vaughan?

Just that I love it, it feels like a book I didn’t know I needed until it showed up one day.

Posted: 12:26 PM

Anonymous asked: On the whole, how do you feel about both Robert E. Howard's and H.P. Lovecraft's work, Miss Simone?

He is one of THE poster children for problematic writers.

I love the Cthulhu mythos, I love the dread, and the many, many stunning and powerful things he created. I am a fan of all that stuff and it shows up in my work all the time.

But the guy was a virulent  racist even beyond the norms of the day, and anti-Semite, and had weird ideas about women. I know he married a Jewish woman and I know he softened some of his views at the end of his life, but I don’t understand the people who try to cover up this stuff. The man was a stone cold racist and it’s all over his work.

It’s one thing to allow for commonly-held beliefs of the day, even if they are repugnant. It’s another to try to justify this stuff.

So I often end up enjoying the Cthulhu work of other writers more than Lovecraft himself.

Posted: 12:21 PM

Anonymous asked: Have you read his Martha Washington stuff? I'm always so baffled that it's Miller who wrote it.

It’s been a long time, but I did read it and it definitely feels like a different guy than the person writing Sin City.

Posted: 12:19 PM

valarauka asked: Hi Gail! I used to read quite a few comic books when I was younger, but as time went on I lived in a few places where I didn't really have access to them so I dropped out of it. I've wanted to get back into things for a while but, frankly, I'm intimidated by the sheer volume of it all. Do you have any recommendations for how best to catch up on things bit by bit?

There are so many great books!  The good news is, you don’t HAVE to follow an entire company now.

The new Batman is great. Captain Marvel just restarted, it’s great, as is PRETTY DEADLY. Aquaman has been fun, the WAKE, Mark Waid’s DAREDEVIL, there are a ton of great books. Pick one title and follow that, see where it takes you, I say. If you want to try my stuff, volume one of RED SONJA is a ton of fun, and there are just a few volumes of BATGIRL.

Good luck!

Posted: 12:17 PM

jordanhass asked: also, i went to pick up some creative merit at the grocery store the other day, but the quarters got stuck in the vending machine, is there anybody i could call to get a refund?

I always try to throw creative merit all over the floor so no matter where I am, I am standing on it.

Posted: 12:16 PM

amistadaugustus asked: Which issue of Savage Wolverine did you write?

19, baby! Pages are coming in and they are gorgeous and Wolvie kisses someone you wouldn’t expect!

Posted: 12:16 PM

avenger-dave asked: How come I find rule 63 Superboy cosplay way hotter than Supergirl cosplay?

Because hot?

Posted: 12:15 PM

Anonymous asked: I've been wondering for a while: how do you get ready to work on a new series? When you get a solicitation, do you some search on the existing material before start planning or do you get this info straight from your editor? Do they provide you with anything like a character sheet or you do it on your own? How is the process? Thanks answering me, I'm a big fan!

DC used to have very complex material they sent when you would take over a major book…I got sent a ton of stuff when I took over Superman. But they still will send stats of issues, or actual issues, if you are simply using a character for an appearance.

We don’t always need them, research material is more available than it used to be and with the New52, there’s less history to worry about.

But yes, when I write any character, I do as much research as possible. If you don’t, it shows immediately (I got bad research material sent to me for Cassandra Cain so I wrote her incorrectly in her first appearance in one of my books and it haunts me to this day).

The characters and the readers deserve our best effort at writing the characters correctly.

Posted: 12:12 PM

thelonelyskeptic asked: If Red Sonja and Cerebus the Aardvark ever met, then, what would happen?

She would give horse feed to an Earth pig born.

Posted: 12:11 PM

theimancameron asked: Hey Gail! If Zinda Blake and Red Sonja got in a drinking contest, who would win (besides those who witnessed it I mean)?

We know Zinda has a high tolerance, we have not yet seen that Sonja can handle copious amounts of alcohol. She just LIKES it a lot.

My money is on Zinda. When we first see Sonja in my run, she’s passed out drunk. Its hard to get Zinda to that point!

Posted: 12:10 PM

jordanhass asked: Gail, this is an important question - was the turkey legs at disneyland just as cartoonishly oversized as the photos make them out to be?

They are only slightly smaller than the ribs that tipped Fred Flinstone’s car.

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