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27 July 14


Gail Simone is all of us.


Both things are a concern!

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kellysue the girls in the Marvel booths kids costume contest and meeting more fun characters! Con Day 3!
carolcorps marvelentertainment

Awesome! I love them.

I love that Jesse runs the costume contests for Marvel.

Also those girls are the best.

This is the best anything.

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I was hoping the unexpectedly-popular, poorly punctuated Godzilla post would overtake my accidental insulting of Gail Simone as my most popular post, but it hasn’t.

*heavy sigh*

Please, honestly, don’t worry about it, I was never offended at all, I promise! :)

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I had a misunderstanding with someone I respect and feel terrible.

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laurythelatrator said: I had no idea you had fibromyalgia, too! I've been a fan of you for so long but I never knew we had that in common. I'm really glad you can get through the pain and keep doing your amazing work.

Thank you for the kind words, I only recently revealed it online. It’s been a long struggle, one that is ongoing.

Just part of my life at this point.

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oddchelonian said: Gail, quick question. At cons, do you accept food gifts from fans? I would imagine it can gets dangerous due to your gluten and apple allergies.

I do, but I am very careful about them.

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centipede-damascus said: What's it like being allergic to apples?


Apples are a common sweetener/filler in a million products you would never expect, but if I have apples, even a little bit, I get very serious problems. 

Add that to the fibromyalgia and sometimes conventions can be a little dangerous.

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Wonder Woman Cosplayed by V330 Creations, photographed by WeNeals


Also, man, this looks fantastic. Good job, everyone!


Wonder Woman Cosplayed by V330 Creations, photographed by WeNeals


Also, man, this looks fantastic. Good job, everyone!


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I almost died just now.

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zimman2 said: Being tied to Dynamite, do you by chance know who, if anyone, owns the action figure rights to Sonja? I wanna know who I should be petitioning here.

I don’t for sure, but I think it is the license holder, I’m guessing!

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AnimeExpo 2014
Submitted by alvinjohnsonphotography 




AnimeExpo 2014

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caf772000 said: Where does your infatuation with Falcon come from? xD

Here is where I shamefully admit I am a latecomer to Falcon’s awesomeness.

I fully confess, I didn’t know he was this great. Cap has never been my favorite comic, and Falcon didn’t appear much elsewhere that I am aware of, and I used to be poor, so I had to be very careful which comics I bought.

So I had read very few Falcon stories, though I loved his red and white outfit, I think it’s a great design.

For me, it happened during Cap II, the movie. I just was absolutely gobsmacked at how earnest and decent and thrilling and KIND Anthony Mackie was in the role of Falcon, and for me, he completely stole the movie.

I mean, to the point where I was like, “yes, yes, okay, helecarriers are falling from the sky, great, fine, NOW GET BACK TO THE FALCON, PLEASE.”

As much as I love a lot of characters in that film, Falcon stole it. Utterly. I would watch it again just to fast forward to the Sam/Falcon bits.

So now I am a fan, and I bought some comics with Falcon in them at the last couple cons and can’t wait to read them.

I hate to admit it, but the film is what sold me. BUT NOW I LOVE HIM.

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maketaori said: Ms. Simone, sorry if you've already been asked, but how do you feel about the announcement of the "Captain America and the Mighty Avengers" series with Falcon Cap to come out this November?

I don’t know anything about it, I haven’t been following the news, really.

But YAY Falcon Cap!

My only downside of this thing is, I actually LOVE the Falcon…AS THE FALCON!

Cap is less interesting to me right now than the Falcon. So I get why it’s a big deal, but…I LOVE THE FALCON.

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wallycaine said: Captain Falcon is the name of a Nintendo Character from an old Racing game F-Zero, though he's more popular nowadays as a fairly consistent member of Super Smash Brothers. So no, not the one you're thinking of.


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krakenstein said: Are you excited that Capt. Falcon is in Smash Brothers?

Wait. What?

Am I being punk’d? Is this TRUE?


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