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20 July 14

Anonymous said: Have you watched Xena?

Not really, I think I have seen two episodes.

19 July 14

Anonymous said: I'm the anon who made the comment about it hurting "our side". I'm not gaslighting. I don't post on tumblr so can only post anon but my name is Ben Weldon. I'm a gay man whos boyfriend is someone who would be described as a Neckberd going by the way he looks. I know you didn't call anyone that Gail and I should have been more clear in my comment and I apologise but this isn't the first time you have rebloged somone else useing it or the first time you've been calld on that...

On Neckbeards? I honest to god didn’t know what the term meant until today.

I am certain I never used it, and I certainly don’t recall being called out on it.

My inbox is full of talk about the phrase, but it isn’t anything I would use.

Posted: 9:07 PM

go-captain-chris-redfield said: Sorry about the misunderstanding. My depression was acting up this morning so I was a bit over emotional. I hope you can forgive me.

Forgiven and forgotten, I just didn’t understand what was happening.

Take care of yourself, please!

Posted: 11:39 AM

missalexus said: just so you know, /you/ didn't technically say anything about neckbeards but in the most recent Wonder Woman post you reblogged it was already captioned with "wonder woman knew what was up with whiny nerdboys and neckbeards a while ago" and it makes sense that people think you're endorsing it by reblogging it.

Didn’t even read it. My mistake.

Posted: 11:38 AM

bluebirdofbitterness said: They're gaslighting anons, particularly the one claiming "our side."

Ah. Okay.

Well, that’s kinda funny, I guess. :)

Posted: 11:36 AM

Okay. About “Neckbeards.”

Suddenly I was getting all these DMs about calling people “Neckbeards,” which is a phrase I have never used in my life. I couldn’t figure it out.

So I went back, and sure enough, a panel of a Wonder Woman comic I wrote, which I retweeted FOR THE PANEL, was retweeted by someone else entirely first, in a caption I didn’t read. If you go look, you will see I am not the tumblr who posted about “neckbeards.”

First, I don’t make fun of people for their appearance, and second, I am not even positive what a “neckbeard” is.

I should have read the comment before retweeting, but the people upset maybe could have read to see who actually MADE the comment. As you can see, it wasn’t me.

Posted: 11:29 AM

Anonymous said: Gail that's body shaming. Seriously calling people neckbeards? You're better than that

What the fuck is going on here? Who did I call a neckbeard? I have never used that phrase in my entire life.

Posted: 11:28 AM

Anonymous said: I really wish we could retire 'neckbeard'. Making fun of someone's appearance makes our side look hypocritical.

What neckbeard?

What am I missing? I don’t believe I have ever used that term in my life.

Posted: 11:27 AM

go-captain-chris-redfield said: Gail I'm really disappointed right now. You've always been above cheap potshots, and that was really rude. Insulting men isn't feminism, one of the reasons this makes me sad is because as a woman I've idolized you for years. You always made my dream of being a comic book writer an actual possibility. Stuff like that is the reason I've had a hard time supporting feminism lately. All I ever seem to see is pot shots, and angry threats on this site. Please don't let me down.

I haven’t got a clue what you are talking about, frankly.

Posted: 9:07 AM

midnightfrost1701 said: If you could write a spinoff starring secondary characters from any title you've written before, whom would you choose? Personally, I could read at least a dozen issues about Dinah, Shiva, and Cheshire trying not to kill each other...

I really wanted to do a baby Birds of Prey with Black Alice, Bumblebee and Misfit.

Posted: 9:05 AM

comicbookmisogyny dcwomenkickingass
wonder woman knew what was up with whiny nerdboys and neckbeards a while ago

Wonder Woman asks good questions.


comicbookmisogyny dcwomenkickingass

wonder woman knew what was up with whiny nerdboys and neckbeards a while ago

Wonder Woman asks good questions.

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18 July 14

frickitymacfadyenfrackinsmith said: Is one of the new projects Medusa for Marvel?? People keep mentioned red hair... And she has a whole big bunch!

I wish. I love her!

Posted: 5:25 PM

klynngullo said: Just curious, how many new titles should I expect to see announced from you in the coming weeks? Sounds like two or three?


Honestly, I’m scared to think about it. :)

Posted: 4:36 PM

Okay. This Made My Day

I am sure that many of you might not be aware of who Cynthia Rothrock is. But when I was a kid, she was absolutely my hero. She was a champion martial artist of several disciplines, she took no shit from anyone, she was beautiful and tough as nails and smart and funny and kind, and she starred in some movies that I totally ate up like candy because it was a WOMAN kicking everyone’s ass, and that was just completely new to me.

The movies, most aren’t great in terms of plot or direction or that stuff…but Cynthia had the charisma and skills to make them a blast to watch. I was just a huge fan, and every interview I have read of hers told me I was right.

She was and is one of a kind, and making kickass fight scenes and starring in her own action films when that was almost unheard of, at least in the American film industry.

This was in an interview she did with a movie site this past week.


Posted: 4:23 PM

I Am Working On A Thing

That requires a TON of character research, but is fun, fun, fun.

It’s so absurd and so wonderfully surreal, I can’t wait. I THINK it’ll be announced next week!


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