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20 December 11

rolandbaldwin said: During Greg Rucka's run on Wonder Woman he hinted at Diana being bisexual, had you ever considered exploring this side of the Amazons. Also was the end of her relationship with Tom Tresser your decision or a call from a higher power, also where did you stand on the Diana Prince secret identity, are you for or against? Finally Happy Holidays from Ireland and a huge fan. Roland :)


Yes, and no. I think Diana’s bisexual without question. But my interpretation of the Amazons is that the Themiscyran Amazons all thought of Dinah as their daughter, equally. And they treated her thus…she was the first child born to those women in 3000 years and Hippolyta shared her with them all.

So I think her having any sort of thing with an island Amazon would be really wrong (I have an explanation for IO that works for me and keeps that element).

That doesn’t mean she couldn’t be with an Amazon, just not a Paradise Island Amazon.

Other than that, I think it’s absurd to think that she wouldn’t be bi, unless the gods specifically dictated otherwise, but we’ve never seen any evidence of such tampering (thankfully).

I was okay with Diana having a secret identity, I thought it could lead to interesting stories. But my ideal version of the character probably doesn’t have a secret id.

And thank you, I love Ireland, I miss it terribly.

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  2. therearecertainshadesoflimelight said: I have always felt that Diana could be bisexual but it always seems as though writers are afraid to truly explore it. Is that something that you would have liked to have explored on a deeper level? It’s rather fascinating.
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