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2 February 12

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    This is basically why I have a knee-jerk response to the issue of how great Alan Moore is.
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    fact that he uses it...nearly everything he writes makes it especially lazy. Other things...
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    Also, wasn’t the rape implied to be a major part of the reason why the team fell apart? I don’t have my copy of Watchmen...
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    Which one? The one during the Comedian’s funeral, the one where Laurie’s a kid and the other Minutemen visit her house,...
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    Alright, first things first. GAIL SIMONE DISCUSSING ALAN MOORE’S USE OF RAPE IN WATCHMEN. Is it my birthday, or...
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    His recent stuff, too. Neonomicon, anyone? People can salivate over Moore’s craft all they want, but he’s a one-trick...
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    Not that he should also be responsible for this, but Watchmen also paved the way for some god fucking awful “gritty”...
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    It always feel like they didn’t quite push it far enough or something. Like there have been relationships with rapist’s...
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    I always thought it was MEANT to be full of cliche, since the book was about comic books, more than about their...
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    I am actually totally fascinated by Sally Jupiter, although I don’t know if that’s because of me reading way more into...
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    I reblog the original because some of the criticisms are dumb. Also, as if I needed another reason to love Gail Simone,...
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    Yes. This. When I first read Watchmen, kept re-reading that entire section over and over trying to figure it out - none...
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    ^Yep.^ Thanks for saying what I tried to say. ;)
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