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14 March 12

Female Comics Creators On Tumblr?

A while back, I asked for creators who identified as LGBTQ to announce themselves and promote their work in a massive thread right here on Tumblr. It got hundreds of responses and tons of links to some incredibly wonderful work, most of which has not yet received the exposure it deserves, quite a lot I had never seen before. So that was very joyful.  I do hope to put some of that information to use at some point (with the creators’ okay, of course!).

Today, I would like to ask all females here on Tumblr to just chime in on a similar thread. Just announce your name, what kind of comics you work on, and if you can include links, that would be wonderful. Any extra info you want to add, feel free, I would love to see it and I’m sure others would as well.  This can be for print comics, webcomics, mini-comics, even comics that are still in the proposal stage. Consider it an opportunity to raise your voice just a little…a lot of people discovered a lot of great lgbt creators in that previous thread, let’s see if we can’t do that again. Editors, publishers, and associated individuals are most welcome, also!

Also, hopefully this goes without saying, but the definition of ‘female’ here is completely as fluid as your own meaning of the word.  No judgments, how you identify to yourself is all that matters, you are more than welcome to participate, your voice is needed, too.

The Womanthology collection recently shipped, and while I don’t yet have a copy, my understanding is that it is a stunning validation of the fact that there are multitudes of talented women who are in the industry and aspiring to be in the industry.  I am hoping this thread puts another nail in the coffin of that notion that ‘women just aren’t interested in making comics.’ We know it’s not true, help us prove it once again.

Please participate, if you can. Name, a little bit about past work if it applies, and what you are working on now, and please, please include links where possible. More info is lovely but not necessary, just what you feel comfortable with.

Thank you! Spread the word!

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    Greets, I am Saskia Jackson and I draw comics, mostly of the web historical-fantasy variety. ^_^ My current (And only...
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    My name’s Sara. And I’m a comicaholic. I’ve been drawing comics since I was a wee lass, and I’m currently going to...
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    Legendary Beings Ara & Celi....bazillion other comic stories all at once.
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    JoJo Seames I’m the artist of Monster Plus, and the writer/artist of The Makeshift Man.
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    Hi, I’m Caitlin Like, and I am a FEMALE COMICS CREATOR. I have participated in several original character comic...
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    I draw comics! Mostly auto-bio. I put some here and more on my tumblr.
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    I draw comics! Most of them have never seen the light of day, but soon Imma be scanning up a comic I’ve been working on...
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    I’m Nicole McCurry, and I do an online graphic novel called The Ecadian Chronicles. It’s a romantic fantasy adventure,...
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    im herio font i draw a webcomc for fans of an obscure movie made in 2009 im not sore why and im not prod of the start...
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    My name’s Nikki Owens, and I go by Y2Hecate all over the net, now including Tumblr.. which I’m still getting used to....
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    Joining in! My name is Maarta, and I am the creator of MadWillow (which is kind of on hiatus at the moment because I am...
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    Wooo that’s me! Though I am starting to feel more like L than B.. not sure how this is going to pan out with the...
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    GAWD SABIE WAY TO MAKE ME DO STUFF— okay...few comics, yes! I work with
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    I really hope that your story ideas turn out the way you want them to! I’m sure that when it is finished it’s going to...
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    This is also the reason I’m working on my own new idea, so I can get a better grip on writing out scripts in an easy to...
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    aren’t professional at all, but it’s something...only reason why I
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    I’m slowly working on it! xD I started a co-written webcomic (with GenderTruckery) last year but then my art style and...
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    Name’s Devin, and I write and produce my own comic, Destiny’s Fate. I’m a female creator, former DC intern, and current...
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    Hey! My name is Jessi Sheron...fantasy, horror,and super hero comics!
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    I’m helping!
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    whaaaaat fine. I guess I’m a girl. I’m MalkyTop. Sometimes I do comic sort of things that are cool I guess. I’ve done a...
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