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25 May 12

Why I Should Never Read Message Boards

Wow, I was checking up to see what the theories were on the DC character who will be outed and stumbled upon a message board thread where they were discussing it.

One poster said that they liked seeing lgbtq characters, it was a big part of why they read comics, and they enjoyed the polyamorous marriage proposal in Secret Six.

This was just one of the responses:

"You’re looking only at the surface of it. Look at the context. Scandal Savage is a horrible, horrible person just like all the other members of the Secret Six. Sure they did some heroic things, but that was to fulfill their own personal agendas or thought that something was too heinous even for them.

Scandal murdered, she arranged assassinations, she stole, she took drugs, she partook in all sorts of villainous activity to fulfill her own personal needs. She hooked up with Liana simply because she looked like Knockout. She refused to make a rational decision regarding her love life like an adult would. She screwed over Liana in the end by going to jail. She associated herself with a bunch of other bad people. And she did nothing to work towards repenting for her sins. Seriously how can you not say that Scandal Savage is not a bad person? There is no good side to her.

There is just nothing truly positive about the polyamorous marriage that Scandal initiated. Liana now has to share a Scandal with a woman she has never even met. Scandal is in jail and has no way of having a true relationship with Liana. Her friends acted in joyous celebration instead of acting in the pure shock and horror that a true friend should have. Scandal’s decision to have the both of them shows how immature she is. And she really only loved Liana simply because of the way she looked, she never moved on past Knockout.”

I’m sorry, but what the hell?

What book has THIS person been reading?

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    I’ll tell you what book this person has been reading: The New Testament. All the language of sin and repentance is a...
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    I run a weekly “ DC comic book” poll. However, over
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    Well I guess since I can’t reply without reblogging, that’s what I will have to do - much to the consternation of the...
  5. oldmanyellsatcloud said: Yeaaaah. Yeah. Most message and image boards are filled with the best and worst people. Never visit /co/, it will both charm and break your heart, and you will thank it for it. Don’t make my mistakes. But look at it this way: You didn’t go reading YouTube comments, at least!
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    Clearly not the one we all were by the sound of it :( What a load of narrow minded bullshit. And what a horrible thing...
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    That’s why “don’t read...comments” is the first rule
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    Give me a minute to process the fact that I just saw “gailsimone reblogged you" appear on my blog and I should be OK....
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    Gail, you don’t help yourself or anyone’s disagreeable interpretation by responding with the textual equivalent of...
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    It’s true that the story belongs to the readers once it’s out there, but readers are also individuals - each one is...
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    Unfortunately I’m not surprised at all. I have had people who were 100% cool with my queerness completely flip the fuck...
  13. freemasonic-yowl said: First rule of Internet is: you do not read the commentary.
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    Yessss, Scandal only loved Liana for looking like Knockout. That’s why she abandoned Liana as soon as Kay was out of...
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    This is simply a person who can not look beyond their own feeling (and who has probably been cheated on many times) on...
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    It’s such a weird, mean interpretation of what it means to be poly, as well. As if poly people don’t get enough bullshit...
  18. sulienapgwien said: Pardon me while I go punch something and/or vomit.
  19. wincenworks said: Mostly I’m amused that Scandal being an anti-hero/villain means people shouldn’t like lgbqt people. They’re gonna shit when they find out how man villains are straight and mono.
  20. malpertuis said: I got all excited! I thought there was Scandal stuff I missed. hahaha
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    Thank you for being you, Gail.
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