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7 June 12


The birth of Wonder Woman, as depicted by Gail Simone in The Circle. So beautiful.

I think if you look at these pages, it presents the Diana birth myth in a way that is actually about maternity, with all its messy, bloody meaning, despite the fact that Diana didn’t come out of Hippolyta’s birth canal. Being a mom is scary and momentous, and there is danger and joy and risk and terror and pain and a rush of emotion that is almost palpable, no matter how the process goes.

I think the talk of blood, and the pages being colored like this, was a subtle but massive change to the Diana myth, and made it infinitely more maternal and even a little scary. I know some people at DC were disturbed (but supportive).

It’s the one thing I wish they’d kept. The original story is great, but was very clearly (I felt) hampered by what they could get away with, content wise. This made it female and frightening without throwing the actual history in the dustbin.

I look at those pages, Hippolyta in the sand, her blood all over the baby in the red glow of the Hunter’s moon, and I really think that that should be the birth image of Diana forever. It’s moving and a little disconcerting, and a lot less sanitized.

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