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17 June 12

Notes From Denver Comic Con

Wow, just wow.

First, I almost canceled attending this convention a while back, my schedule became busy, too busy, and I almost had to back out, something I hate doing.

Boy, am I glad I came. This is the first year of this convention, Denver has apparently never had a real comic convention of any size before. Being a first convention, there are always concerns about attendance and organization.

Sheesh, both Friday and Saturday completely sold out, the place was packed. There are tons of interesting guests, lots of great panels, and a real emphasis on diversity.  The attendees have huge percentages of females, there’s more cosplayers here than any con this size I have been to, and very welcome indeed, there are lots and lots of kids.

The attendees here are magnificent, hugely diverse. Lots and lots of poc attendees and creators, and the welcome from the local lgbt geek community has been very very wonderful, very moving. Lots of dads with their kids, lots of MOMS with their kids, every kind of person has come to my table and it’s really overwhelming to see how the readership is stronger and more committed than ever. Some of the kind, personal things people have said to me here, I will remember forever.

TONS of Batgirl love. I lost count of the Batgirl shirts and cosplayers. And it’s surprising how many people are responding to the compassion and social issues raised in the book. As always, trauma survivors often tell their stories, and it means a lot to them to see that reflected in a major superhero book.

Lovely. Very emotional. I don’t always have the proper words to respond to some of the kinder things, so please just know that it means the world to me.

I did a panel yesterday for DC/Vertigo…I was weirdly low energy and I think I may have been a little boring. But the nice thing was, all the questions were about creativity, and the writing process. That was cool.

Later was one of the best lgbt panels I have ever been on. I was not familiar with most of the panelists but they were absolutely fascinating and sincere and it was very moving. The audience was amazing, lively and smart.  A RIDICULOUSLY handsome African American gentleman in the audience got the biggest hand of the night when he brought up interesectionality, in a roundabout but very moving way. He said he had watched as the portrayals of black people in comics had improved from the jive-talking characters to genuine heroes he could root for, and he felt that was happening in comics with lgbt characters. I wanted to cheer also, such a great moment.

Panels like that, I am delighted just to sit back and listen. It’s an honor just to be there at all.

Plus! A great couple of cosplayers came as Scandal and Knockout, just adorable. Every time they walked by or I caught a glimpse of them, I couldn’t help but smile, even though I am exhausted.  The con has been so busy I haven’t had even a free moment to walk around and see the exhibitors. I am dying to find a Sonic Screwdriver but have not yet been able to look.

Got to talk with some of my favorite creators, people like Katie Cook and Mike Allred and Neal Adams. Best of all was finally getting to meet Rebekah Isaacs and Amy Reeder. Someone took a picture of the three of us doing a high five and that was a lovely moment.

Great, great con so far. THANK YOU for making this Oregon girl feel so welcome, Denver!

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    Whenever I see pics of people cosplaying as Scandal and Knockout, I feel full of joy
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    You guys were SO FIERCE! It made me really happy to see Scandal and Knockout at the con!
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    Oh, gosh! I WAS THAT SCANDAL, AND MY LOVELY ROOMIE WAS KNOCKOUT! I’m glad we helped make the con fun for you. DCC really...
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