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18 July 12

This Steph Thing

Since this Smallville thing happened, I keep reading how mean dc is to make Bryan choose Babs for the book to replace Steph.

A bunch of people decide I must have made it happen even though I only found out about when you did.

Today, Bryan told me it was his idea to use Babs, when asked to replace Steph. I don’t know where this stuff all comes from but it gets a little frustrating sometimes, separating fact from fiction.

I am not sure why he chose Babs instead of Cass or Helena, but I know the kind of person and writer he is and deliberately upsetting people is not his style at ALL. He loves you guys and wants to do right by you and the characters.

It’s still disappointing about him not being able to use Steph, but if he chose Babs to replace her, I am betting he had an angle he thought would be cool.

Still a shame, but I hope people support Bryan and Smallville, it’s a great book by a brilliant writer.

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    I don’t think the upset is directed at BQM at all, at least not in the internet places I haunt. Although, if people are...
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    No, it’s okay, I understand people are disappointed. But I feel I interjected myself here where I don’t really belong, I...
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    I get where that guy is coming from to some small degree (at least the part about not getting Smallville.) I had zero...
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    That makes sense given Katana’s in Beware the Batman. So Bryan was probably given a choice of characters that currently...
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    That last line really highlights the problem a lot of us have with DC these days. Nothing connects because it seems like...
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    In my opinion, the problem is the very very strange way this all happened. Bryan Miller gave an interview to TV guide...
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    Oh no…when I said “higher ups” I meant folks like Didio or other execs. But anyway, thanks for your kindness, Gail. It...
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    Helena BERTINELLI?! We could’ve had Helena Bertinelli back?!
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    I don’t actually have that fundamental a disagreement with you, I just really wanted to type the thing about you chasing...
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    Best conversation award.
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