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7 August 12

Why You Need To Go To Geek GIrl Con This Weekend!

1) It’s the only full-on geek convention with a focus on not just dudes!  Dudes are great, we all love dudes, but this con celebrates female and non-binary folks like no other convention I have attended. The vibe is magnificent, fun, supportive, and wildly creative. Last year was the first year ever, they sold out both days, AND it was one of the most fun and best-run conventions I’ve ever been invited to!

2) Guests, baby! I will be there, but also people like Greg Rucka, Jen Van Meter, Ashley Eckstein, Jane Espenson, game maker Corrinne Yu and real life superhero Purple Reign!  We, and many others, will be doing signings and panels, and just having a ridiculously good time.

3) Programming!  Aside from the stuff mentioned above, they have improv, a singalong, a concert, a masquerade, AND a closing ceremony where they will be premiering the WONDER WOMEN: THE UNTOLD HISTORY OF AMERICAN SUPERHEROINES documentary, that I am in, along with lots of others…I’ve seen parts of it and it’s absolutely great!

4) Location! It’s in beautiful Seattle, this weekend. It’s located near lots of great restaurants, and is close to Pike Street Market and the Space Needle, just to name a couple fun landmarks.

5) FUN! Seriously, last year, I blathered on endlessly about this…this is a con like no other. It’s positive, imaginative, and smart as hell, even the merch is gorgeous. There are all the things you like about most cons, and none of the things you hate about most cons. It’s a wonderful, fun experience. There are game rooms, as well,which I heard were a blast last year.

6) Connections! This year, they are doing a thing called Geek Girl Connections, where aspiring geeks who want to work in various geek fields can come and talk to successful people in those fields. I, for example, will be reviewing portfolios and talking to aspiring writers one on one, and there are lots of other pros there in lots of different disciplines.

It’s just a great time, and kind of a dream come true…I spoke with Trina Robbins last year, and she said she could never have GUESSED that something like this would EVER exist.

You want to come see it!!

Ps. Dudes are very welcome, they will have a great time as well!

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    We think you need to be there. We KNOW you should come to our panel. But if you need some extra convincing, Gail Simone...
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    All three of us should totes try to meet up together.
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    So. Stinkin’. Excited. Seattle, here I come!
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    I want one of these in my country.
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    I want to go to Geek Girl Con so bad. Pity its on the complete other side of the country! One day I will have to funds...
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    Ohmigosh we’re going to be at this, guys.
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    I’m staying right near the Con, but yes we should hang out. I’ve never really been to Seattle and we’ll be around on...
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    Saph! We should hang out! I can drive people places if need be, since I’m driving Dagger anyways.
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    Another reason why I wished cross-country train travel still existed.
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    With each word read, my smile grew larger and larger. I am proud to be a staffer with GeekGirlCon and I assume by the...
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    I’m a member of the staff this year and I AM SO EXCITED! If you are in the area (or even if you are not) COME TO GEEK...
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    Listen to Gail!!!! This weekend is going to be A M A Z I N G
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    I am so seriously excited for this. Like, more excited than for my wedding, since I’m still going to be wearing an...
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    I will TRY to be there this year. Barring more cat health issues or a major appliance disaster.
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