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2 October 12






“Lilo and Stitch” 2002

Deleted Scene

Lilo plays a trick on the tourists.


I desperately need to understand



Was this scene cut from the movie??!!

Fucking christ, do you know what this would have done? What this would have meant to SO MANY people??  The truth of this is devastating. And to think it almost found it’s way into a DISNEY film??

The inclusion of this scene alone would have made it the greatest animated feature the company ever produced. Easily. And if you think that’s hyperbolic clearly you don’t understand.

No, really, if anyone knows why this was cut PLEASE let me know. 

oh man WHY WOULD they cut this, this is so great, holy MOLY

It was clearly something the crew was very reluctant to get rid of if it made it all the way to rough-clean (and in a few scenes clean!), fully inbetweened animation. That is like, thousands and thousands of dollars and weeks (months?!) of labour. Maybe a reluctant producer decided they would alienate their white middle-class American audiences by making them feel “too guilty” and pressed them to drop it? It’s unfortunate, it’s one of the most honest accounts of racism in a Disney movie (which is why it’s believable that someone got uncomfortable and made a case to get it chopped)

Designing entertainment by committee for maximum marketability is probably the most heartbreaking process in Hollywood.

That is amazing.

I can’t believe what I just saw. This would only have made a near-perfect film a little bit BETTER than perfect.

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