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14 November 12









Holy CRAP. She looks more like that character than the CHARACTER DOES!

no but

this is a cosplay mash up of Ororo Munroe and Diana of Themyscira

so she can’t ‘look more like that character’ because the character doesn’t exist

I think Gail is saying that the cosplayer physically looks more like Ororo. She was not mistaking this cosplay as an actual character. Gail Simone wrote for Wonder Woman. I think sheis aware it’s a mash up cosplay. 

Ummm, yeah… you’re both kinds not correct. Yes, it’s a mash-up, but also yes, this character DOES exist.


This happened. And it was awesome.

if you’re going to call shit out, make sure you know what you’re talking about. Wonder Woman storm was just all kninds of awesome and I don’t even like marvel much …

People have already said it, but yes, this character DID exist, during a Marvel/DC crossover event called AMALGAM COMICS. John Byrne wrote and drew it and it’s damn entertaining.

And so I repeat, yes, she looks more like the character than the real character does. AMAZING.

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