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16 November 12

Kick Ass DC Woman Tourney: Semi-Final Match Two


Yesterday was a very busy day of voting. In fact it broke all the records for this tournament So who won? Right now I’m giving a provisional win to Stephanie Brown. I need to review alerts that popped up this morning in Google Analytics before declaring the formal winner.

Today’s match is between two characters that have a long history in DC Comics and a long history together. 

In the first corner, a woman who had many roles in the DCU over almost 5 decades. But according to this wonderful essay, she deserves your vote:

Why is Barbara Gordon the most kickass of the women in the DC universe?; Heros want to save the world, they want to change things for the better.  Whether walking or in a wheelchair, whether librarian, or congresswoman, or vigilante, or just mentor, advisor and willing ear, Barbara Gordon uses her talents and skills to do just that. We all cheer and cry and wildly advocate for our chosen version of Barbara but at the end of the day, she isn’t Batgirl, she isn’t Oracle, she’s Barbara “f-ing” Gordon and nobody beats her.

Barbara Gordon

And in the other corner a character who like Barbara Gordon went through some wonderfully rich character development over 30 years of comics who deserves your vote because as this wonderful essay states:

Dinah is about hope, and about friendship, and about getting the hell back up when you’ve been knocked down, and she’s about being the very best you can be and then finding a way to be even better than that. And she’s also about reaching out to the people you love and making sure theybecome the very best they can possibly be, whether that person is a control freak computer nerd, or a addict with a bow, or one of the world’s deadliest assassin. Because Dinah knows the world can be a better place, and she’s going to do that one person at a time.

Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary.

You can vote in this match here. Again ONE vote person and voting is open until 9PM EST.

I will never believe that this round wasn’t deliberately chosen just to kill my heart.

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    Two more hours to vote for Dinah, my friends. Honor the fishnets!
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    VOTE DINAH! No offense to Babs, who is great, but she’s already won this tournament. SPREAD THE LOVE!
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    This was a brutal decision. I love them both so much.
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    Barbara “F—ING” Gordan.
  10. heywhatsthatoverthere said: I haven’t seen the results for the previous match, but when I voted it looked like Steph was winning. and now it looks like Babs is winning. HOW CAN WE CHOSE BETWEEN BATGIRLS?!
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    Vote for Babs
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    This is a seriously touch match today.
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    Oooh, tough choice. My vote goes to Dinah.
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    //These are such hard choices! And next round? It’s gonna hurt. And seriously, I’m staying out of the Steph, Babs, and...
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