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29 November 12

Anonymous said: Have you heard about "The 50 Superheroes you want to have sex with" list James Gunn posted? It's so disgustingly sexist and just offensive in general. The Guardians of the Galaxy movie has been sort of tainted for me after reading these kind of comments from the director.

I heard about it, I haven’t read about it. That Batwoman comment is fucked up and vile.

I like James Gunn’s work and people say terrible things they regret later, lord knows I have done it many times.

But he needs to apologize for that comment. I haven’t seen the rest, but that Batwoman comment is fucking inexcusable.

  1. themyskira said: The Batwoman comment was one of the worst, but he said a lot of inexcusable things. Homophobia, slut-shaming, misogyny… the article was seriously disgusting, and the idea of somebody who regards women like that directing GotG… ick.
  2. pointless-nonsense said: Apologize is right. Fucked up as they are, I don’t like how quick people are to judge a guy based on a few words without giving him the opportunity to defend them or retract them and apologize. He might be a monster or maybe an ok guy who screwed up.
  3. danielmcbatman said: The other articles on his site are much worse, especially the one about beating his girlfriend for not fitting into a mini-fridge. It includes fake black eye makeup. It’s disgusting.
  4. differenzeartistiche said: Gail, I think there’s a huge difference between what Gunn did and people who say bad things on the spur of the moment or in a casual comment. He wrote 50 comments that go from barely tolerable to outright disgusting in a post that…(cont)
  5. fearofaghostplanet said: webcache.googleusercont… It’s awful, fair warning.
  6. invisiblelad said: The Gambit comment isn’t much better. I believe there’s a “devil’s threeway” and the phrase “little fruit” in it…twice.
  7. junkieofdata said: There are exactly zero redeeming features to that article. He implied, or outright called, roughly half the popular female characters slut or whore, and said some incredibly homophobic things about quite a few of the male and female characters.
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