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29 November 12

dashingforceofpalsy said: Do you think there is still a place in superhero comics for someone with a disability Gail? i agree with your view on professor x. i just can't see anyone having the depth of oracle yet lacking the focus on the disability that is the downfall of integration in the media. ive always dreamed of creating such a character but i worry that if i did, they would simply be a mouthpiece for me, rather than an icon like Barbara.

This breaks my heart. Yes, a million times yes, there is room for disabled people in comics. It’s US that are screwing up, not the readers.

And I understand what you are saying, but we actually NEED some ‘mouthpieces’ right now to help make change for the better. We need those voices. Desperately.

I’m working on a new book with a pwd in a major role, I’ve added Ricky and Strix in the past few months, both of whom are disabled. But it’s a tiny couple drops in a mostly empty bucket.

We need to be held to the fire to do better on this, ALL of us in comics.

  1. dashingforceofpalsy said: also apologies for my err, problematic name, it a pun, i like puns and sounding a bit dickens
  2. the-concept-specialist said: Well said. The problem is how do you come up with a good storyline that people without disabilities will gravitate to? I mean there aren’t that many that come to mind at least in my mind.
  3. ealperin said: I do hope we get more PWD in comics, as well! I just KNOW there are more! :)
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