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9 December 12

I Am So Fricking Fortunate It’s Ridiculous


Okay, well, if you read the news on Bleeding Cool, I unfortunately have the sad duty to confirm that it’s true.  As of Wednesday of last week, I was informed by an email from  my new editor that I am no longer the writer of Batgirl.

I cannot express my disappointment at this. I think everyone is aware how important Barbara Gordon is to me, and how important it is to me that her stories be told with respect and care, both for the character and the readers.

We tried our very best to do that, and it was an honor to write Barbara for these many years.

I have to thank the previous editors, the intelligent and classy Bobbie Chase, and the absolutely wonderful Brian Smith. I want to thank the rest of the bat-office writers and artists who never failed to be supportive and inspiring to work with. In particular, Scott Snyder has made a Herculean effort to support me, Batgirl, and the entire Bat-line, and I am proud to call him my friend.

I am in debt forever to the magnificent artists I’ve gotten to work with telling these stories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ardian, Ed, Daniel, Vincente, Admira, Stanley, and all the rest of you wonderful people I am too scattered right now to name. You guys have no idea how much joy your talents and craft have brought me. It’s absolutely humbling to work with people like you.

I want to thank DC for giving me the opportunity to write Barbara. When the new52 was announced, I was terrified that telling early stories of Barbara would mean completely invalidating her story as a disabled icon. We tried our best never to forget that, even when putting her back in the suit. 

Very few writers are ever lucky enough to get to work in the bat-offices, it’s a rare honor and thrill and I absolutely loved it and will miss it terribly.

I am probably sounding a little bit maudlin right now, as I feel a genuine sense of loss. This wasn’t just another assignment to me. 

When this was announced just a little while ago on, I confirmed it, and when I came back, my twitter feed was completely flooded by incredibly kind words.

So, while I am very sad right now and I won’t deny it, I have to say, I’m sure this sounds corny, but I feel very, very fortunate.

I have been lucky enough to live a dream that was too big for me to even think about as a child. I got to write  Batgirl. When I was just a little kid, she was the first superhero I’d ever seen. A redhaired smart girl who could kick ass?  It changed my life. And I grew up and got to write her. I wouldn’t be any happier if I’d won the lottery.

I still understand that not everyone was happy with the changes to her in the new52. But if it was going to happen, I wanted it to be done with honesty and care.  And we produced a book that was a critical and commercial success. Twice in the past year we got raves from the New York Times. We had many sell-out issues. In short, I am very, very proud of what we’ve done.

But the reason I feel fortunate right now is you guys. Here’s where the corn level goes nuclear.

You guys have NO IDEA, no CONCEPTION AT ALL, how much you mean to me. The support on Twitter in the past hour was almost more than I could take, I had to stop reading because I was getting too choked up.

You guys have supported me and said kind things when I was low, and you let me know that fighting for things to get better was important and worth the effort, you made me laugh too many times to count, and you have added so much to my life I can’t even explain it.

Yes, I know this sounds corny, but it’s true and I can’t help it.

I thought I was going to be just hearbroken giving this news, and I definitely am, but the support from you guys and from the pro community is something very very special and I will cherish it.You guys made a rotten week much, much more bearable.

Thank you so, so much. And I wish the next team on Batgirl the very best of luck.


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