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9 December 12

zeroissues said: Wait so the BC article says the last Death of the Family issue is your last - does that mean we're not going to see the Barbara's-recovery arc that you've been talking about? Do I need to start sobbing now?

Sadly, the new editor nixed everything we had planned. I think it’s very likely that will still be covered, but it will not be in the way we had been building to, which I am very sad about. And those issues are already written, but will not be published, I gather.

  1. themyskira said: What the hell?! To replace you as a writer is one thing, but they’re not even going to publish all of your completed issues?! I don’t even read Batgirl and I’m pissed off about this!
  2. girlinfourcolors said: I so don’t even understand this. It’s twisting my belly. I’m sorry, lady. I hope you find more work soon.
  3. oddchelonian said: ARGH! This is getting unbearable.
  4. nerdoutandproud said: I am so sorry :-/
  5. iskios said: I find this perplexing. Does this man just have something against you? I know, you are way too classy to answer that, but from our perspective, the whole thing seems odd and disrespectful.
  6. whysocarefree said: Nothing makes sense to me right now.
  7. brucetheghoul said: This makes me so angry! I can’t wait to see what you go on to do and how awesome and kickass you’ll be from under the dc thumb that is increasingly assholish.
  8. glassgears said: Does this new editor have it in for you or something?
  9. canaryfeather said: That’s completely appalling! WHY would they do something like that? To not just kick you off but to throw away work you’ve done — I cannot imagine what is going through their heads. It makes no sense at all. I am so sorry for you and for all of us.
  10. rachels-roadhouse said: WHATNO
  11. selfinsertinquisitor said: Well I am not a batgirl fan. I only have the first issue and never actually had much interested in the comic, still that decision is stupid. I would think that batgirl had a good start on the sales department. Good luck on your next project.
  12. katzedecimal said: Okay. Sobbing commencing in 3…2… 1… T_T
  13. daggerpen said: Wait wait wait wait, what? Dude, what the fuck? I could maybe understand wanting to change writers, but why the hell would they do that? You already wrote the issues & presumably got paid.
  14. bloodyboredom said: can you please go to image and/or marvel, Really, I guess Dc pay better and I know you love the character, but Dc neds a spanking and it should be awesome if most creators pack their bags and go home.
  15. angrysunbird said: Did you put Steph in them? That would explain everthing. She’s like Candleja
  16. zeroissues said: That’s just brilliant. Hey, nyx the stuff people’ve been waiting for since the reboot! Great decision making. :(((((
  17. bloodandgutsinhighschool said: b0000000000
  18. lauralot89 said: Honestly if they don’t use those issues I sort of hope you leave DC forever. You deserve much better than that bullshit.
  19. agrias-is-my-homegirl said: Nooooooo :( I’m sorry Gail!
  20. pollyannatotheend said: I don’t even have words for this atrocity… :’(
  21. justderek said: Man, this pisses me off. I’m conflicted as to whether to drop Batgirl out of disappointment and disgust, or keep collecting it to support the character I love. :-(
  22. sulienapgwien said: dammit all to hell. this is really disappointing.
  23. gendertruckery said: Ugh that stings… You could at least be allowed to use the rest of the stuff that’s actually WRITTEN before being taken off the project…
  24. therearecertainshadesoflimelight said: Holy shit.
  25. gailsimone posted this
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