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9 December 12

ealperin said: No trans character in Batgirl, either? Or is that still in the books, before you leave? :3

I think it’s very unlikely that thread will be followed up on in Batgirl, sadly. The worst thing about this is all the beautiful things we had set up will likely not happen, as new editors and creative teams understandably want to forge their own trail.


I am not giving up on the idea of a major trans character in an ongoing mainstream title without a fight. I want a clear, unambiguous trans character in a prominent, unambiguous and unapologetic role THIS YEAR.

It’s important, it should have happened ages ago, I will not let the year pass without it if it is in my power to do something about it.

I have a proposal in right now where not just a cast member but the LEAD character is trans. Trans readers deserve representation and this is something that I am determined to see happen. This year, period.

That is not negotiable.

  1. tattysybarite said: This is a corner well worth fighting. I can’t wait to see this moment in print.
  2. beardybabble said: Honestly, this just made me cry a little.
  3. effyeahsupergirl said: I wish this was rebloggable. I love you Gail. Thanks!
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