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11 December 12

Anonymous said: Dear, Gail what are you options on the repersentation of african american's in comics? just asking because i feel DC has been dropping the ball.

I feel they are extremely under-represented in comics in general.

With the new52, DC made a sincere effort to have some books with black leads and in prominent positions. But those books failed to click with the audience.

I will say, I have spoken with Bob Harras and Dan DiDio both and they take this seriously and want to fix it. I know of a couple books with POC leads that are in the pipeline as we speak.

If by ‘dropping the ball’ you mean something else entirely, I may be missing the message. Are you talking about portrayals, or exposure?

  1. daggerpen said: If Harris and Didio take this seriously, they may wish to consider calling in some outside help, because their efforts have by and large been pathetic.
  2. sholvakree said: I was REALLY looking forward to the Static comic, but moving him to New York was a TERRIBLE idea, the interior art was disappointing and the writing equally so. It made me question whether DC really took the character seriously.
  3. tonomurabix said: It makes me wish they would create a new hero that is a minority instead of placing a minority as a spin off of an established super hero hoping it’ll catch because of the namesake.
  4. lawfulgoodness said: I miss Steel. :(
  5. iamlainface said: I don’t think the books failed to click with the audience. The audience seems to not want to click with anything that’s not White.
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