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21 December 12

rabtownsend said: probably getting this question from all sides, but are Ray's fill-ins still happening, or is it straight back to business for you? (I won't cry if you can't answer that).

I didn’t know Ray Fawkes when he was announced as the full-in writer…but all my friends were RAVING about him. I got to speak to him a little bit by email, he could not have been nicer. A real gentleman. I can’t wait to read his other work…honestly, people I really respect won’t shut up about it.


He is doing issues 17 and 18, I return on 19.

  1. garychapple said: I was hoping the series would flop after you were let go, but i think the new writer will be just as good!
  2. serpymatt said: I’m just curious if you’re upset about Ray Fawkes being pulled off of the book before he’s even been given a chance? The internet seems to get upset about writer changes and this one seems really fast ;)
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