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10 January 13

An Experimental Question

Just answer with your true feelings please, no one will be graded. :)

What would you like to see from DC and Marvel in the year 2013?

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  2. ccwgtb said: Marvel? Meh. DC? I’d like the new-52 to go away so I can go back to reading about the characters I love instead of creepy imposters with their faces and costumes.
  3. soircitte said: I want more children-themed books. Yeah, I can be repeating what someone already said, but I feel there is a lack of comics for children.
  4. hecateguy said: More women. Period. Writers, artists, characters, teams. Also, for myself, The Question.
  5. thegrimsqueaker said: More diversity, of course. And fewer insults about female nerds from DC. Oh, and another crossover! I keep seeing this gifset with Black Widow recruiting Selina Kyle that needs to be real!
  6. teambeartrap said: More miniseries. I think a lot of these big shot in the darks ( 52/now) would go over and catch on a lot more if they were minis and not full fledge series. Some stories just work better as minis, follow ups can always come later.
  7. dracomorph said: Text, or cheaper paper. I’ve given up on several series because I can read each issue in circa 5 minutes, and it’s simply not worth my dollar anymore.
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    Brand new directions. From DC I don’t want yet another iteration of [insert post-COIE post-Zero Hour post-Infinite...
  9. ladyhacksaway said: more female and minority (OR EVEN MINORITY FEMALES) as mainstream heroes. more choices to deal with relevant, current, heavy-hitting issues like women’s and gay rights. moreso, more gay/female/minority CREATORS hired.
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    From DC: RENEE MONTOYA. Anywhere she is, I will go. From Marvel? I’d really love a Black Widow movie, or for an X-team...
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    Clarification on if Ted Kord exists/existed or not. If possible, bring him back to life. If possible, show where Booster...
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    I definitely want a more personal feel from the DC Universe. I want the characters to mean something more than dollar...
  14. sketchyscoots said: Marvel - Continuity.
  15. westofawhitehouse said: I’d like to see a well-developed trans woman character.
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    I actually love the “shitty reboots” so I really don’t want anything different from DC (except maybe a Nightwing movie)....
  18. solusandra said: I’d like to see no more gimmicks & just focus on good (dare I hope great) stories that are well-written and amazingly illustrated. I’d like a year of no cross-overs, from both major publishers. & more Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, & Hawkeye!
  19. lizlem0nparty said: i would LOVE to see bryan q miller on a monthly, print book. give this man more work!
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    omg valerie my new “otp” is the Ivy you’ve described and her cute lil’ trans girlfriend thank you
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    An Ivy that is not green. Getting tired of her only reason to possibly like plants is that she’s part plant… can we...
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    I’m actually enjoying the recent iteration of the Joker…he hasn’t been this scary or well written In a decade.
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    ^ and All I want from Marvel is Gambit and Rogue.
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    -Save everyone any,ore grief and scrap the reboot. -Get Harley back into her harlequin costume and place the Jokers face...
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    Fuck the New 52 so fucking hard.
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    THIS ^
  28. pantslessinanity said: To treat its women better.
  29. daggerpen said: Batgirl Incorporated. An Arrowfam book that includes Connor and Mia. Wally and Donna coming back. More female writers. Good female chars as the norm rather than the exception. Movies to actually rival Marvel’s movie factory.
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