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29 January 13

heatvents said: I'd love to see you do a bit on Portlandia. I have no idea what the bit might be, I just want to see it. Maybe you could play a fake nerd discussing the Hobbit with Kyle MacLachlan over some Middle-Earth fare at your favorite Denny's. Or maybe I should just go to bed.

Ha!  I would actually rather have the Portlandia cast appear in Batgirl, if we could.

I actually met Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein backstage after a Patton Oswalt/Ron Funches show in Portland last year (both Patton and Ron are comics readers, Patton’s been a friend for years).

Fred and Carrie were both incredibly nice. I talked to Fred for a good while, he was fascinated that I wrote Batgirl. I don’t think he’s a comics reader, or if he is, he didn’t say, but he asked several questions about it. It could have just been simple politeness, but it seemed very sincere and kind.

We’re such fans of his, at my house, we sing his Blue Jean Committee song, “Massachusetts Afternoon” ALL THE TIME but I was so flustered to meet him that I forgot to tell him that, for which my son will never forgive me. And we’re huge fans of Portlandia, too.

If they’d be okay with it and DC was okay with it, I’d love to put them in an issue of something. :)

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