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29 January 13

Anonymous said: Hey Gail. Any artist that you've always wanted to work with, but have never had a chance to?

Yeah, Brian Hitch, Walt Simonson, Phil Jimenez (we did a one-page dealie), Philip Tan, Dustin Nguyen, Sergio Aragones, Jim Lee, Lee Garbett, Colleen Doran, Amanda Conner, Steve Dillon, LOTS of people!

  1. notgoingtohelp said: I find it amazing an editor has never paired you and Amanda Conner together. I feel like her style would compliment your writing so well.
  2. comiccharm said: I approve of this list!
  3. blogwash said: Amanda Conner on BoP and Steve Dillon on Secret Six would have been amazing.
  4. werewolfau said: you and amanda conner? steve dillon? so amazing
  5. gailsimone posted this
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