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30 January 13

ruues said: Forgive me if you've been asked this before, but who do I get to thank for all the wonderful graffiti in Batgirl? As much as I'm enjoying the book just for reading (quickly became one of my few favorites), I actively hunt down the legible graffiti like it's a game. Aut vincere aut mori!


I’m afraid that’s me. I’ve had a couple really good spoilery ones that they didn’t let us use, but more are on the way! Thanks!

  1. cookiediesel said: "Lefty wuz here."
  2. ruues said: I thought it might be your handiwork because it seemed like a very “you” thing to do. Somewhere in my headcanon is a Gotham vigilante dropping truth bombs with her graffiti.
  3. cloisismyfairytale said: Thanks for the graffiti Gail. And Ruues is right, it’s like a treasure hunt for them.
  4. gailsimone posted this
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