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2 March 13

ECCC Suggestions!

One of my FAVORITE new comics creators, Erica Heflin, , has a booth at k-18. SERIOUSLY check out her comics, they are special!

Also, PLEASE check out the PRISM booth, 1214, for GREAT comics with an lgbtq emphasis from amazing creators. You’ll thank me!

Also, I can’t stress this enough, JOBNICK by the great Miriam Libicki, is AMAZING. She is at booth 2522. GET THIS BOOK.

And finally, Elaine Will’s LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD is fantastic, she’s at booth q-07, she’s a Xeric winner for a reason!

Take my suggestions and visit these talented creators, they have single issues and trades for sale and you will LOVE THEM DEARLY.

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    I work with some awesome people and have fantastic supporters! THANK YOU!
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    Gail Simone mentioned Erica J Heflin! She was my first paid comics gig last year! You’re Rockin’ and Rollin’ ERICA!
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