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20 September 13

A Couple More Things About This Marriage Deal

These thoughts are very random, so please forgive me, there are just a couple things I have remembered over the past few days.

First, I would love love love to see Batwoman married. I think that could be a magnificent story, a wonderful symbol, and also help differentiate her from other heroines.

Two quick facts…I have seen several people say that at one time, Barbara and Dinah were going to date, or Barbara was going to fall in love with Dinah, but DC stopped it. I have to say, I would be totally fine with this, I would love to write it, but for the life of me, I never came across such a plan or even heard of it. If I am TOTALLY missing something, or if a different writer had such a plan, I would love to know about it. But I never heard of such a thing.

If it’s true, I would be pretty surprised. Anyone know the source of this story?

Second, this is something that oddly slipped my mind when this whole thing was going on, but I had suggested a same sex wedding in Wonder Woman years ago, and DC approved it even back then. The story was going to be that Hippolyta felt she could not pursue love while she was queen. And so, at the end of the Olympian arc, she was going to hand the crown to Diana, and IMMEDIATELY walk over to Phillipus and give her the tokens of an Amazon engagement and propose.

Dan DiDio approved the idea himself, as I remember. At the time, the idea of a same sex wedding of a major character was still very new in mainstream comics, and I think it would have had major, major impact, as it’s not just a character, but Wonder Woman’s MOM. But beyond that, I think it would have been terribly beautiful and romantic, two women marry after 3000 years of duty prevented it.

I’ve mentioned this a few times in the past, the only thing that prevented it from happening was that I left the book and we had to leave a clean slate for the new team.

I don’t know the ins and outs of the Batwoman situation. But it is interesting to note that this fairly ‘radical’ idea (at the time) sailed through pretty easily even a few years sooner.

AND it’s my biggest regret on Wonder Woman, that we didn’t get to do that, it would have been lovely!

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    I think DC should have been really brave and made Wonder Woman and Batwoman a couple. I’m still hoping Green Lantern and...
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    I loved this idea so much, I had to draw it. Now, I’m sure the scenario was a bit different in Ms Simone’s head, but...
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