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17 March 14

Last Day Today

Dynamite is having an excellent sale on books with female leads on Comixology, and today, Monday 3/17/14 is the last day to get in on some ridiculously good deals.

All of my issues of Red Sonja so far are up there for just 99 cents each, and the Legends of Red Sonja anthology issues with all the amazing guest writers like Tamora Pierce and Mercedes Lackey are just 1.99. 

But also, stop and take a look at some of the other acclaimed books…there’s Kato, Jennifer Blood, Prophecy, Vampirella, and Miss Fury, all for just 99 cents each.

I was a skeptic about digital comics, but I love these wonderful sales where I get to try new books for cheap. Still prefer the hard copies, but it’s lovely to have a nice digital library, too, and at under a dollar an issue, I have bought quite a few books I already have hard copies of, just to have a nice, convenient reading file. 

Check it out, last day today!

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    Digital comics make things actually affordable in my part of the world and possible for newcomers to get into them....
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