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11 June 14

Scripts Available for New York Special Edition Comic Con This Weekend!


Here’s the deal.

Many of you know that at a few recent conventions, I have brought a limited number of signed, printed scripts from books I have written. I didn’t do this to make money, it’s because for years I have traveled to cons with nothing at my table for people who wanted to purchase something. They would ask and I never brought anything, except to Emerald City Con, the only one I actually drive to, so I could bring things in the car easily.

I had seen other writers offering printed scripts, but to me they seemed to be priced a little high. And I am always very busy before a con so I figured that was not an option. 

Anyway, a few cons ago, at Emerald City, I printed out limited numbers of four scripts. I have a local shop do them, they did a very nice job. I thought, I will print fifteen of each and I will take the ones that don’t sell to my next convention.

Well, what happened was they sold out almost immediately. I had no idea the demand would be this high.

So I did the same thing at  Chicago. Same thing. Sold out almost immediately. Some writers wanted them for studying scripting formats, some artists for practice scripts, and some just because they like that book and these can’t be purchased anywhere else.

The last couple events i have attended, I have not been able to set it up to bring scripts. They take time to go through and clean up the file and send and pick up and they are heavy to ship, etc. I am happy to do them, but the last two events I just didn’t have the time. And I thought that would happen for NY Special Edition Comic Con, as well.

However, I am getting caught up and the shop was available to do them, so I WILL be bringing four scripts available for purchase at the con at my table. 

To make them special and a little rare, I am printing only 20 of each book (it used to be fifteen but it left too many people disappointed). After those twenty are gone, I will never reprint that issue’s script. So each one is pretty rare. 

The scripts will be numbered by me, 1-20, and I will happily sign and personalize them for you at the table. You can’t get them anywhere else, the books chosen will never be reprinted, and they are very limited in number.

The shop has raised their price to me a bit but I haven’t raised mine, they are fifteen dollars each. Other writers do tend to charge $20-25. I will keep the price at 15 for as long as possible, I would rather keep it low and have the scripts get to readers.

After careful consideration, the four issues are;

BATGIRL #3 (with Nightwing!)

RED SONJA #9 (my personal favorite issue, Sonja and the courtesans)

SECRET SIX #2 (Catman Vs. Batman!)

TOMB RAIDER #4 (Lara returns to a place shown in the game!)

Now, I can’t send these through the mail, I can’t hold them after the con, or anything, I’m sorry.

But I will reserve HALF of the scripts for attendees of NYSPEC who definitely, absolutely want one. 

Write a note in this thread (or DM me) with the script you want, and the name or handle you go by, and we will hold that script for you until Sunday afternoon, fair enough?

I will stop the reserves when ten of each script have been called for. The rest will be first come-first serve at my table. And again, warning, they will go very fast. 

If you have one in reserve, you don’t need to wait in line to pick it up, just come speak to the tall blond guy at my table (that’s my hubby!) and he will check your name off and take good care of you. 

The scripts have all the typos and mistakes of the original script, nothing gets edited, so they may differ somewhat from the printed book. But it’s a lot of fun to compare, and to see the process.

That’s it! Feel free to post here if you want one, or more than one, or send me a dm but please don’t forget to send your handle or name, we can’t reserve one for any anonymous posters, obviously!

Thanks a lot, can’t wait to see you at the con!

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    Someone who’s going get me a tomb raider one!!!! I shoulda jumped on this at c2e2! D=
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  5. dasrunt said: Could I reserve a Red Sonja #9? My name is Adrian Martinez (my tumblr is I’m a freelance letterer and I see lots of scripts, but also study them for the sake of my own writing. I’d be thrilled to study one of yours! I’ll be there Sunday.
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    Gail! Can you please save a Batgirl #3 for me? :) I’ll see you there!
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    Hello! May I please reserve a Batgirl #3 script under the name Philip B.? Thanks and see you at Special Edition NYC!
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    Can i reserve a page from batgirl. Preferably dialogue with nightwing?:)) name is jonathan stegmayer ill be there sat!!
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    I would like a copy of Red Sonja #9. My name is Rich Moulton and I will pick it up on Saturday.
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    Ahhh I would love for you to hold a copy of the Secret Six script for me. Was going to stop by first thing Saturday! My...
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  14. kengodbersoniii said: Hi Gail, I would love to purchase a Secret Six #2 script. I am there on Saturday. Handle is @kengodbersoniii (tumblr and twitter). Can’t wait to see you!
  15. rdl1224 said: Hi Gail, My name is Richard Llanton and I would like to reserve a script for Secret Six #2 if possible. Much thanks and I look forward to meeting you for the first time.
  16. drsumac said: Er yes again Secret Six #2 under drsumac. :)
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    I’d like to purchase one of each if plausible. If not I’ll take Batgirl and Red Sonja. Those are my personal faves. I’m...
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    Please save Secret Six #2 for me! :D I needs it!!!
  19. bethama said: Can I get Secret Six 2?! I can go by bethama!
  20. chrisgriswold said: Batgirl #3, please.
  21. handdrawnhero said: Hopefully you’ll be able to do this for Boston Comic Con too!
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